Mangamania Module

Manga for me and my niece Fides (11) 

This is our local hero, Lord Nelson, victorious admiral at the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805. You see him here reading Aoike Yasuko’s girls’ manga TRAFALGAR. It is actually not about himself, but about two guys in his entourage, handsome officers, who then have to try and kill each other (sob). One of them shoots Nelson, the other takes revenge. Thrilling story! This visual composition is from my former Japanese teacher (kateikyōshi) Koiwa Rie. Thank you for that!!

Talking about battles: Spring term starts on 16 January. I’ve got 14  MA students and we’ll share a room for 12… But never mind. Before that, I’ll have a few discussions with my niece Fides (11). She likes manga and I was able to convince her to take a few minutes and draw a picture of mine. I don’t look like a manga hero here, do I?

My niece is something like a TV addict. I always have to drag her away from the box, so she works with her eyes and hands. I will present to her another volume of Urasawa Naoki’s PLUTO for Xmas. She loves it. Although it is rather violent, but the drawing style is superb. Here’s an example of her trying to imitate the visual style of girls’ manga:

As always, it’s the big eyes fascinating the girls… They are the main feature of girls’ manga since the late 1960s – along with the long hair, the European courts and castles, and the beautiful boys in uniforms… I must get her an edition of Ikeda Riyoko’s ROSES OF VERSAILLES, but for the moment the robot battles in PLUTO are fine for her. Phantasy has no limits!

By the way: from March 5-10 2012, manga writer Christina Plaka ( will be with us, special event for UEA students on 6 March. If she can’t make it, I’ll ask my niece…


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One Response to Mangamania Module

  1. Fides says:

    Did I allow you to post these? I want another PLUTO volume for that! F.

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