Come on Yellows !!

Come on YYYYYYEellllllllooowwws !! BIG MANGA EXHIBITION

at the Sainsbury Centre In Norwich from 4 February 2012!!

We made it! The Kingdom of Characters Exhibition starts on 4 February at the Sainsbury Centre on UEA campus. Here’s the invitation. It is the only place in the UK, where it is shown. The objects cover the entire postwar time, but my favorite is Suzumiya Haruhi (bottom left), a 2003 “light novel” (novelette) heroine. The 15-year-old schoolgirl tackles different problems with her SOS gang and even travels through time in the “Endless Eight” episodes. Enjoy the manga and anime versions, as well!!

Not only Nr. 1 Pokemon Pikachu is yellow. Think of the Canaries, our Norwich City football team. My niece has drawn their crest… A small English lion, Norwich castle, and a BIG CANARY. While I write this, I hear the supporters shout “Come on YYYYYellows” at the pitch. We are top ten Premier League and just drew against Chelsea… “Yellows” is also my favourite pub at Carrow Road.

These birds are tough and cute. Just like the manga and anime characters. What this cuteness, “kawaisa” in Japanese, means historically, economically, and culturally, we’ll explore on 9 March at the symposium “Too Kawaii – The Power of the Super Cute”. Admission free for students! Only my 11-year-old niece does not yet need scientific explanations. She just loves to hug  cats, dogs – and birds… “They’re sooooo cute…!!” (Die sind ja soooo niiiiiieeedlich…!!)



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One Response to Come on Yellows !!

  1. Fides says:

    Cool! Don’t miss out the “Kingdom of Characters” Exhibition, starting THIS WEEK !! We’ll have the special kawaisa/cuteness-event on 9 March.

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