Manga Artist Drew The Crowds


That’s what manga is, according to  Greek-German manga artist Christina Plaka.  Shots from her workshops at the Sainsbury Centre on 8 and 10 March.  

That was really fun, thank you! Here Christina is explaining to some younger talents, how the different genres (shōjo for girls, shōnen for boys)  are visually designed . The kids were cool, yet  enthusiastic. Just look into these faces, both real and virtual !!!

Since the exhibition “Kingdom of Characters” is on in the Sainsbury Centre, it draws the crowds. But not only kids. The grannies also want to learn about Astroboy, Doraemon, Suzumiya Haruhi and Hello Kitty. Me=Ulrich will give an introductory “Lunchtime Talk” on 29 March, 1.15pm, at the SCVA Education Studio. Be there or be square!

Truth is: I only know manga history and theory, but could never draw like this young lady: chapeau! Luckily, I can ask Christina to produce some more panels with Norfolk motives – and faces, like Lord Nelson, the Canaries, the Degas’ dancing girl from the Sainsbury Collection, and others. By the way, one kid asked, how to study manga at Kyoto Seika University, where Christina has just graduated. The answer: learn Japanese first. Which is no problem at UEA, our language course at the School of Language and Communication starts this coming autumn…

Big eyes, relaxed smile, you’re welcome any time !!!


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  1. Lucia says:

    “Manga Artist Drew The Crowds | Centre for Japanese Studies” seriously enables me personally contemplate a little bit further.
    I personally enjoyed every individual piece of it. Thanks
    for your effort ,Wanda

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