BAJS Conference 6-7 Sep at UEA !!

BIIIG Conference on Japan at UEA, in our Premier League City 2012 !!!

The German YYELLOWS, BVB Dortmund, have just beaten Bayern Munich and secured their consecutive championship. The Norwich Yellows, too, have beaten the Spurs and will remain in Premier League. Congrats, Paul Lambert! After all, the Scotsman played in Dortmund himself, when they won the Champions League in 1997.

This is our City right wing defender, Russel Martin, Nr. 2. If we want to win our 44th point this coming Saturday, he must be on duty against the ManCity strikers. Our manga writer Christina Plaka has drawn him and other Canaries, she likes Japanese sports manga, “Captain Tsubasa” and “Aim for the Ace”. We should add one about our boys, who performed so brilliantly this season.

By the way, on 6 and 7 September 2012, we host the annual British Association for Japanese Studies Conference in Norwich. Run and register, we have already 130 paper proposals… If the Canaries have a home game on that weekend … Carrow Road might teach the academics a real lesson.

Don’t forget: The German Yellows have a Japanese hero now. Kobe-born midfielder Shinji Kagawa, goalgetter, fighter, coming superstar on German soil. A model for Paul Lambert? Definitely! Paul, let’s talk it over at Delia’s !


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