Go-Sign for BAJS Conference !!!

Thanks to all volunteers, helpers, colleagues, Natsue-san from CJS, and our funders, the BAJS Conference will lift off tomorrow. We’ll learn about Japanese literature in the Translation Studies Stream, stroll along the philosopher’s path (right)- or the Norwich Riverside Walk -, listen to Yoshimi-sensei’s talk on atomic power and American influence in Japan (available online during the conference at http://www.uea.ac.uk/cjs/events/Yoshimi+Article), the soft industry, manga and anime.

We expect 130 speakers and about 200 delegates, a great opportunity for discussion and exchange. UEA will welcome an entire new cohort of students of Japanese at its School of Language and Culture, and the Centre for Japanese Studies will play a vital part. Please send your comments and opinions, and do not hesitate to criticise. We know it is going to be a vivid event and welcome any feedback. In case you need a less old-fashioned philosophical rest: Go to a manga store like this one in Kyoto (left). In Norwich, a nice little manga collection is available at the Millennium Library in The Forum. Expect you back for the keynote speech on Friday, 7 September, 10am, in Thomas Paine.


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University Lecturer in Contemporary Japanese Visual Media
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