BAJS Conference 大成功 ! Big Success!  

The keynote speech on 7 September was delivered by Prof. Yoshimi Shunya, University of Tokyo. The renowned media theorist analysed the postwar nuclear relationship between America and Japan. His talk was entitled “Atoms for Dream. Holding the American Umbrella in the Atomic Driving Rain”. The full audio record of his talk will be available on the CJS webpage soon.

This year’s BAJS Conference attracted about 200 delegates and speakers from around the world,  covering all aspects of Japanese Studies: translation and media studies,  manga and media, history and archaeology, cultural heritage and sociology, literature and pop culture. We enjoyed two lovely and sunny days on UEA campus, and finally descended to 64 The Close for a wonderful reception and the closing remarks.

(left to right:) Conference organiser Dr Ulrich Heinze, UEA VC Prof Edward Acton, BAJS President Prof Chris Hughes, JF Director-General Mr. Tsuyoshi Takahashi, Director of the Centre for Japanese Studies at UEA Dr Simon Kaner.


The conference extended to 41 panels in 7 timeslots. If the trains hadn’t broken down on Friday between Norwich and Diss, everything would have been perfect. Lord Nelson would have been proud of our logistic and academic manoeuvres…  Many thanks to all contributors, volunteers, sponsors and organisers, and see you again in Norwich next time !!!

P.S. Will make sure the talks can place via Skype and the Canaries have a home match then.

P.P.S. Please send us your comments for our feedback to the conference office!


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