CJS at CdA: Cote d’Azur

A collaboration with the community of Vallauris in the south of France brought me to give a talk on Time Travel Manga. Starting, of course, with Nr. 1 Time Traveller, the blue cat Doraemon and his gang. You see me here with a major problem: talking French… But thanks to Nathalie, who prepared the translation, all went well. The kids enjoyed the whole event with martial arts, a bamboo orchestra, shiatsu, anime screenings, video games – and I bought Tezuka Osamu’s autobiography to practice for next time.

Manga writer Christina Plaka taught the kids some drawing lessons. HArd to do are faces and moving bodies and their proportions. Luckily, Christina is half Greek, therefore half Mediterranean, and therefore speaks French fluently. Thank you, Christina, for your wonderful lessons! And thanks to the kids for showing their talents.

Remember the figurine Christina is pointit at here n the placard of the Vallauris Biennale “Japan Aurea”? It was also done by her : a manga version of an Aztec figurine from the Sainsbury collection on UEA campus.  CJS is bridging the gap between the cultures: Mexico, Japan, England, France, Greece, Germany. Vallauris was great fun. Let’s do it again! I know how to order “un café crème” and “une pression”… Alors, a bientôt !


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