THE BODY in Japan and its Mass Media

IMG_4607CJS Workshop at the Sainsbury Institute on 17 May

These young and dynamic researchers gave seven awesome papers at our annual Japanese Media Studies Research Workshop. Before our local football team, the Canaries, secured Norwich’s place in next season’s Premier League with an away victory in Manchester, we discussed the body and its depiction  in Japanese manga, film, anime, adverts, commercials, tattoos, butoh dance, etc. If all goes well, the papers will go into a special journal issue. Thanks to the audience and to all contributors from around the globe (left to right): Sheuo Hui GAN, Singapore; Alexander JACOBY, London; Stephanie OEBEN, Göttingen; Tullio LOBETTI, Italy/London; Ulrich HEINZE, Norwich; and the Oxford crowd: Fusako INNAMI, Joy HENDRY, Louella MATSUNAGA, and Paola ESPOSITO. Special thanks to Natsue Hayward, CJS, and her volonteers.

I will give another paper on the PERFECT BODY of Japan: Fujiwara Norika, on 11 June at SOAS London. The workshop is entitled Rediscovering the Diva; Considering the Impact of Female Star Personae on Japanese Film and Visual Media”. I will show pictures of Norika, some from my personal archive, and commercials, and suggest a reading. Are you tempted? Based on her two volumes “Fujiwara Body”, I will try and decode a few metaphors embodying her celebrity and charm – and naturally her sex appeal. Ah, Norika-chan, why don’t you answer my emails just once …??


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