NNUH “Arts in Hospital” Project and CJS in Tsukuba

Exploring CULTURES OF CARE in ageing Britain and Japan  

Back in the famous science city Tsukuba ! First time since 1995. Wow !! What a calm and green place, growing and with a new train line to Tokyo. And a perfect place for interdisciplinary research, in collaboration with the “English city closest to Japan” …

IMG_5090On 4 and 5 September, the Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Tsukuba invited for a symposium on “Cultures of Care – Bridging Arts and Healthcare in Japan and the UK“. Our delegation: Emma Jarvis, arts coordinator at the Norwich and Norfolk Hospital, Dr Bernardo Bueno, School of Creative Wriring (here in action with the “Asparagus Group“), and Dr Ulrich Heinze/CJS. Japan, the aging society, is most interested in developments in the care and hospital sector overseas, including arts in hospitals. So we could contribute with some expertise.

IMG_5113Emma Jarvis (picture on the right) explained on her various projects going on in Norwich and Cromer with artists and animators, how they are designed and perceived. She is an artist (painter) herself and runs “Art in Hospital“-projects for several years now. She is also designing rooms and interiors. The Japanese were especially interested in the impact of colours and the design of walls, floors and furnitures to improve patients’ wellbeing. A Tsukuba delegation will come to Norwich in September and do some additional field research. Further exchange activities are scheduled for 2014. Many thanks to Prof. Saito Yasuyoshi and Prof. Herb Fondevilla ! Especially for the sushi replicas … ;-D


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