The Spirit of the “Chōshū Five” in Norwich

DSC00790Thank you, Prof Yasuyoshi Saitō, Dr Herb Fondevilla, and colleagues from the University of Tsukuba Hospital, for your recent visit to Norwich. We checked out the Sainsbury Centre (picture to the left), then the “Arts in Hospital“-project at Norwich and Norfolk Hospital. With Emma Jarvis, we are already planning film screenings for patients next year, and further collaborative actions will follow !! yoroshiku !!

Saitō-sensei also conducted some research on UCL Prof. Alexander Williamson, who hosted the “Chōshū Five“ in the 1860s. Having studied with famous chemist Justus von Liebig in Giessen/Germany himself, Prof. Williamson trained five young Japanese engineers and scientists and led them to professional maturity. As they later contributed to the modernisation of Meiji-Japan, the story of the “Chōshū Five“ has been mangafied, and there is even a live-action movie, directed by Shō Igarashi in 2006. I’ll get the DVD soon … !!

DSC00670Dōmo arigatō, Saito-sensei and Williamson-sensei, for opening up this gate to Anglo-German-Japanese academic cooperation and research! On the right hand picture, you see the recently unveiled monument for Prof Williamson and his wife Catherine on Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey/UK.


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