BLACK JACK screening on 13 April, 18 May !

BJ movie96 poster visualDear friends ! BLACK JACK comes to town. We’ll screen the anime version of Tezuka Osamu’s famous medical manga at Cinema City Norwich, screen 2, on

Sunday, 13 April 2014, at 16.30h   &

Sunday, 18 May 2014, at 14.15h.

All welcome ! Get your tickets in advance at the box office!

Why Black Jack? We had a great symposium at Tsukuba Hospital last September. They have a whole section doing “Art in Hospital” for patients and staff. Our question is now, if manga and anime, too, might be a good entertainment offer for people awaiting or recovering from surgery. This is our first research step.


In the anime from 1996, the magic surgeon is confronted with a lethal virus and has to narrow down its possible origins.  Olympic gold medal winners collapse around the globe. A pharmaceutical company offers help, but more suspicions arise about the research of the enterprise. Can Black Jack and his cute assistant Pinoko break this case?

Still_033Black Jack is one of the most salient oeuvres of Tezuka’s “gothic phase”, which lasted from the late 60s to the middle of the 70s. The master came under the influence of the “dramatic pictures”, gekiga. Other examples from that time are “Ode to Kirihito”, which also tells a doctor’s story, and “The Book of Human Insects”. Master Tezuka, Medical Doctor himself, will save our weekends!  C U all there!

Pictures (c) Tezuka Productions Tokyo


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